Equatorial Business Group PLC

ኢኳቶሪያል ቢዝነስ ግሩፕ ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ


Equatorial Coffee Export

EBG, with more than 27 years of strong international business experience is an ideal partner for international coffee buyers who are interested with varieties of Ethiopian coffee. The fact that Ethiopia produces Arabica coffee, EBG is engaged in export of Ethiopian Arabica Coffee of different varieties which exhibits different characteristics. 

EBG is dedicated to provide its customers with highest quality, fine standard traceable  coffee while meeting its commitments and customers requirements.

EBG’S Organizational Set-up

Staffed by more than 470 permanent, experienced and professional staff.

Owner of modern export office and coffee cleaning machines that can polish, sort and clean 50 MTN of coffee per day.

Has excellent warehouse facilities that can accommodate 100,000 metric Tons coffee.  The coffee trading Business unit has experienced staff, efficient logistics services and well established modern coffee processing plant and Coffee Quality Analysis Laboratory.

Cleaned Coffee is packed either in Jute bags or bulk in bulk machine as per client’s requirement.

The arrival coffee (coffee that are prepared for export purpose by local suppliers) is checked and stored according to its grade, origin, and prepared as per the request of customers. After preparation, coffee is cupped and evaluated for standard in the coffee quality Analysis Laboratory. The evaluated coffee is delivered to FRDE Coffee and Tea Development and marketing Authority Office for quality Inspection and Certification Center Laboratory.

With efficient transport and logistics service, the coffee is transported to port of Djibouti for final delivery to customers.

EBG’s Strategic Intents for Coffee Export

Overall Direction

EBG will strive to provide better quality products and increase volume of sales by offering competitive price. EBG will become a vertically integrated exporter. Hence, it plans to expand both upstream and downstream in the coffee value chain by increasing the production of green coffee.  EBG shall be producing its own coffee, processed and roasted coffee to package on site and export as a finished product.


To be one of the leading coffee producer, processor, and exporter in the country whom customers depend for quality, traceability, reliability and sustainability.


To produce, process and export top quality Ethiopian green coffee beans to the world market with a minimum production cost, selling them in the international and domestic market so as to increases generate sufficient level of foreign currency, increase sales revenue, creating employment opportunity, enhancing its contribution in foreign currency earnings to the country using  state of the art technology and very efficient professional staff, whom customers depend for quality, traceability, reliability and sustainability.


Customer centered: We seek to understand and satisfy our customers through quality product and service.

Quality: We are committed to producing quality product and service.

Relationship: We approach our customers and buyers as equal, long term partners seeking mutual benefit.

Integrity: Effective and seamless integration with all stakeholders to improve access to the global specialty markets.



General Facts about Ethiopia and Ethiopian Coffee

As the largest coffee producer in Africa, Ethiopia plans to triple its coffee production from the existing 550,000 tons to 1.8 million tons by 2024 95% of Ethiopian coffee is being produced in Garden and Forest areas. Only 5% comes from Coffee plantation.

The coffee flowing season in Ethiopia is in the months of April, May and June The harvest season is after six months and is from October to April.

The coffee production system of Ethiopia is mainly washed coffee 30% and natural 70%.

The coffee shipping season for washed coffee starts from November to December. For the Natural coffee type starts from February to March.

Major importing countries of Ethiopian Coffee products are Germany 20%, Saudi Arabia 17% and Japan 12% and others.

Ethiopian coffee is known as highland coffee because it is grown in the highland areas of the country, with a normal growth rate to full maturity and bean sized. The diversified type of coffee Arabica in the country and its highly suitable environment have helped make Ethiopia attractive on the world markets, including for its gourmet, specialty and organic coffee. Ethiopian coffee is rich in acidity and body and is aromatic and sweet-flavored, with a winery, spicy, flora or mocha taste. Because of its aromatic and flavors, Ethiopian coffee is also used for blending with and upgrading coffees produced in other countries.

Ethiopian coffee is thus among the best in the world and offers a wider choice to the worlds coffee roasters, who may select coffee of rich acidity and body, or coffee of low acidity with good body, or balanced and flavorful coffee. These different flavorful profiles represent the unique potential of Ethiopian coffee production, which has not yet been fully exploited.

Apart from its aroma and flavor, Ethiopian coffee is produced with-out the use of artificial fertilizer and chemical.