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Sidama Coffee

Sidama Coffee features an extraordinarily wide variety of coffee flavors. Many different grades of both washed and unwashed coffees are produced, and there can be striking differences from town to town.

One feature of excellent Sidama coffee is often a profound complexity. This derives from the many different heirloom varietals. Many different farmers and pickers, each with a very small patch of land, often with their own unique varietals, will pool their coffees at a cooperative. The resulting “blend” is a unique expression of the complexity of the horticulture in the surrounding area.

High grade unwashed Sidama coffees are known for their intense fruity characteristics while being of somewhat lighter body than unwashed Harrar coffees, for example. It is always blended for gourmet or specialty coffee.

Another striking characteristic of Sidama coffees is that even the washed coffees often retain a salient fruity characteristic, while having much more clarity and brightness than their unwashed counterpart.



Altitude:                       1,770 and 2200 meters

Process:                        Wet processed (washed) and Sun dried (Natural)

Variety:                         Arabica Heirloom

Liquor:                          High-toned with floral and citrus notes

Shape: Oval

Color: Greenish-Greyish 

Acidity: Sharp (Bright), Winey

Aroma:  Floral, slight Woody

Harvest:  October – January

Body: Rich Body, Medium to Small