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Livestock Export


Ethiopia is believed to have the largest livestock population in Africa. This livestock sector has been contributing considerable portion to the economy of the country, and still promising to rally round the economic development of the country. It is eminent that livestock products and by-products in the form of meat, milk, honey, eggs, cheese, and butter supply etc. provide the needed animal proteins that contribute to the improvement of the nutritional status of the people. Livestock also plays an important role in providing export commodities, such as live animals, hides, and skins to earn foreign exchanges to the country

The sub sector contributes 12 and 33% to the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and agricultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP), respectively, and provides livelihood for 65% of the population and livestock accounted for 10.6% of Ethiopia’s export income,

Cattle Population: According to CSA report of Ethiopia Report, the estimates of cattle for the rural and pastoral sedentary areas at country level are estimated to be about 65.35 million. Out of this total cattle population, the female cattle constitute about 55.90 percent and the remaining 44.10 percent are male cattle. 

Regarding age groups, the majority of the cattle population (that is about 60.78 percent) is in the 3 years and less than 10 years age category, with about 26.31 percent male and about 34.47 percent female. Moreover, about 17.57 percent are between age one and three years and those with age category 10 years and over took small portion i.e. 3.68 percent of the total estimated number of cattle.



Sheep and Goat Population: The estimated numbers and percentage distributions of sheep and goats in the rural sedentary areas of the country are about 39.89 million sheep are estimated to be found in the country, out of which about 70.28 percent are females, and about 29.72 percent are males. According to the survey result, the number of goats reported in the country is estimated to be about 50.50 million. Out of these total goats, 70.19 percent are females and about 29.8 percent are males.(CSA)   


EBG has excellent Quarantine, feeding and medicine facilitates for   exportable Sheep, Goat and Camels. We use efficient logistics system to protect our animals from any harm and damage. Our export market currently is the Middle East market mainly Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.