Equatorial Business Group PLC

ኢኳቶሪያል ቢዝነስ ግሩፕ ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ


Equatorial Export Business: EBG has engaged in exporting different agricultural and mineral products to global market. The major export product is Coffee export with different grades.


Equatorial Volvo Business: is engaged in supplying Internationally renowned Volvo trucks, buses, equipment, agricultural machineries, The business has also state of the art workshops and facilities. Well skilled professionals are strived to ensure the satisfaction of customers striving to comply suppliers’ commitment



Equatorial Light Vehicles Business: The business delivers different brands of automobile and commercial vehicles. The list of brands includes Mazda pickups, Chery QQ, Chery Tiggo, Jimbei Minibuses, Forland light cargo and dump trucks. Supply of spare parts and maintenance and support for the products are guaranteed.


Equatorial Elevators Business: This business delivers latest high tech OTIS branded elevators and moving stairs (escalators) and electric driven horizontal walk ways (travaloters). Design, consultancy, supply to specific size and dimension of elevators and escalator, erection, installation and complete package of after-sales services for regular and for on-call services are available.



Equatorial Energy  Business: This business provides complete turnkey standby and prime application Cummins diesel Power Generation solution to its customers. It also supplies genuine Cummins generator spare parts and provides maintenance services. In addition, the business supplies low voltage electrical solutions and addresses other solar powered solutions on demand.



Equatorial Pharmaceuticals Business: EBG works with certified multinational pharmaceutical and medical supplies companies. It imports and distributes human pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and retail services through Selam Pharmacy Chain.