Equatorial Business Group PLC

ኢኳቶሪያል ቢዝነስ ግሩፕ ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ


Short, Medium and Long Term Strategies

·  Increase market share and differentiation from competitors,

·   Deliver high quality agricultural and mineral products according to international standards in the export business using state of the art technology,

·   Increase customers satisfaction with efficient logistics and on time delivery of high quality products,

·  Expand both upstream and downstream in the oil seeds, and livestock value chain by increasing the production of oil seeds and establishment of own quarantine facilities.


Export Target

Export Target – Exporting large volume with high quality exportable products to our esteemed customers with efficiency, sustainability and care.


Target Market

Reaching USA, EU, Canada and Asia Markets.


Organization and Management

Export Business is organized in such a way that each product has its own functional unit such as Coffee, Oilseeds, Mineral and Livestock unit.


Our Core Competencies

We are dedicated to our customer satisfaction through modern and efficient production, processing and logistics system with high standard ethical professionalism as well as on time delivery.

Establishing a strong quality control system from the point of acquisition through warehousing, cleaning, packaging, and shipment.

Critically review the quality standards, packaging, and labeling as per the requirements of the client.